Heck, I may be old as dirt (so my daughters tell me..LOL) but when you come to the studio for a portrait session magic is going to happen. You'll have an amazing experience that you'll remember for years to come; and the prints you'll hang on the walls of your home will be a constant reminder of that experience and be testimony to what an amazing person you are. 
It'll be such fantastic getting to meet you and hear about the work of art that you'd love to create together. Weather it's a simple portrait in our beautiful East Tennessee mountains or a magical world that comes from our collaboration....the end results will just blow you away and make smile.

BTW....I see the world through different eyes than most people…here are a few thing that will help you get to know me just a bit better 
• I can get inspired at the least expected moment. 
• Daydreaming: I can fly away in my mind and visit wonderful places. • I love change and activities…I can get bored very easily. 
• I have a since of wonder and often seen the world from a child’s point of view. • I never give up, I’ll keep trying and trying to make something work. 
• I tend to follow my heart even though my mind tells me to go the other way. 
• When creative moments hit nothing else matters and time can just get away from me. I often find myself up way after midnight working on projects because I just can’t stop. 
• I see opportunity in every situation. I’ve been accused of wearing rose colored glasses because I really do believe that something good can come out of everything. 
• I love to learn…and I’m really proud and excited about the art I create. 
• I’m always looking for new ways to express my creativity. 
• I may procrastinate sometimes but the job always gets done on-time. 
• You may see me as a rebel because I really don’t like boundaries, I want the freedom to explore and create. 
• I don’t really care for numbers 
• I see the small details. 
• I love trying new things…it’s the best path to creating that next amazing work of art.
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